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About me, Michelle

On the last day of 1986 I was born in cozy Nijmegen. Around my 20th birthday I ended up in Rotterdam. This environment suited me more. Nice and quite direct in communication.

I am trained as a doctor's assistant. A wonderful profession, but I also missed a different view of a body. Bodies have always been interesting to me, but I was actually looking for a different way to work with them.

André has personally trained me and I have also followed the necessary body-oriented workshops and training. I still do this to this day. I am also a certified Shields system coach.
For me, the combination of body and mind is a total package in which you can find endless possibilities to grow as a person. And growth is just what I love.

Because of all the lessons I've learned, I've grown a lot myself. I learned a lot about old patterns and how to clear them. Sexual abuse, high sensitivity, grief, miscarriages, depression and breast cancer.

Six years ago it was time for my own practice. Time to share all the knowledge gained with other women who wanted to feel, clean up and grow with it.

Every session is of course custom made and that's what's so great about this profession. No person is the same just like every massage/session.

For those interested, here is my educational background:


Sensual awakening
Schilden systeem coach (Innerlijke familie)
Grief and depression
Soul Body Fusion
High sensitive persons
Kashmir massage for women
Yoni massage