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Massage for girlfriends

Undergoing a massage yourself is wonderful, but why not share that feeling with a female friend?
So how about coming to our practice together and that the both of you can be pampered by us?

This massage is sensual and beautiful in intent and fits right in the theme of Sensual Awakening. A mix of relaxation, sensuality and the Eastern of Tantra. The entire body is included, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head, you can surrender completely to our skilled loving hands and hopefully also to the sensual energetic waves through your body.

“Let it go
and let yourself glow

André massages one female partner on a luxurious heated massage table and Michelle will massages the other female partner on a luxurious heated massage mat in the same room, separated by a curtain.
In short, the two of you together and yet a little private. Accept all our attention, touch and don't worry about your partner. She is in excellent hands.

Breathe with us, enjoy to the fullest and don't be embarrassed. Less hesitation is more pleasure.

The massages are absolutely sensual by invitation and you get to be the star. You may especially feel the attention for every part of your body where you may let go, shine and tingle.
The massage itself has no purpose as in: working towards excitement/orgasm, absolutely not!
Just room for relaxation, sensuality, energies flowing throughout your body and 'me' time.

Do you dare?
In terms of clothing, we ourselves are fully dressed. As a receiver you are fully naked and the entire body is being massaged, so also breasts and private area.

The time below is the length of the massage itself. Take some time into account for yourself undressing and dressing, having a drink and recovering .


€ 200,00 for 1.5 hours for you as a couple
€ 280,00 for 2 hours for you as a couple