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Sessions for menstrual complaints

Inspired by the happy faces and positive reactions, I would like to highlight another session. Something you may not be thinking of today and / or link to body-oriented massage.

Are you someone who suffers from her period?
In the days before... the first days... and sometimes even longer, many women can suffer from serious complaints in terms of cramps, stitches and pain.

Quite a few complaints can be reduced and / or even disappear with bodywork on your lower back, pelvis area and abdomen. Very simply explained, imagine for a moment that there is a tight belt around that area. If it also tightens in terms of menstruation, there will only be more tension in that area. Tension on top of the other tension.

In my practice I hear quite often how the body of my client has changed after a few sessions. A feeling of more space and peace in that area.

Are you also curious about how you can suffer less from your complaints? Massage is always tailor-made, so here too we will work together to see where your complaints lie in particular.
Often with 2 or 3 sessions you can already notice a difference, it is actually that simple sometimes.

Will we see each other?

This session is given by André.


€ 70,00 for 1 hour
€ 105,00 for 1,5 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions