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Breast massage

To get straight to the point, a breast massage is not something sensual. Just like a lower back, it can help a lot in the maintenance of your body. Breasts were treated extensively during my training and the respons from clients is still surprising every time. Here are two different types of massages that I can provide as a separate treatment:

1. Sacred breast(s)

Breasts are the sacred symbol of femininity. You can also see breasts as a symbol of the deepest connection a mother can give to her child or how the earth nourishes her children.
Breasts may glow, literally and figuratively. The heart is in the chest area, which means that breasts can also be full of love and/or stored emotions.
Spiritually, breasts are connected to Mother Earth, the cosmos, 'All-that-is' or however you see it. Breasts are a gathering place of energy, love and warmth. However, breasts can also be very painful, pointing at them can already cause tension. Alternatively tension there often has to do with mothering (everyone who you want to 'breastfeed') and/or old emotional issues.

In addition to pain, tension or discomfort in or around your breasts, your own image of your breasts can also disrupt the heart-breast connection in terms of energy. My breasts are too big, they are too small, they point too much forward, they're hanging too low.
Breasts then actually become a physical image instead of an emotional and spiritual image of you as well.
And don't forget external impact. Cases, for example cutting/removing a breast can also block and disturb the feeling of flow. This can cause complaints that regular care cannot always deal with or the statement that you will have to get used to this.

I can help you to rediscover the warmth, the love in your chest area and connect you more deeply with this beautiful energy that lurks in you. After this you can experience the feeling of energetic flow more and not only limited in your breasts. You can also notice a bigger lung capacity, your emotions more under control and a sense of hello-world-this-is-me posture.

2. Breast(s) (technical)

(Therapeutic) Breast massage is an effective 'wellness' treatment, as breasts in particular need good circulation in skin and tissue. Poor circulation can lead to various annoying symptoms. Tension in the breasts (due to surgery, stress or emotional issues), which is much more common than most people realize, can cause many painful moments or spots that can cause poor blood flow or lymph flow.

Benefits of breast massage can include:
> increases the oxygen content in the breast tissue
> promotes the removal of waste
> increases well being
> gives relaxation
> gives the skin more color and shine
> relieves pressure on the chest (muscles or entire chest) or less muggy
> stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow
> reduces pain
> helps with old emotional issues that are stored in breasts
> can help 'dissolve' adhesions and 'grains of rice' in breasts
> can stimulate milk production
> can reduce PMS related swelling

The treatment can be booked solo or included as part of another massage.

This session is given by both André or Michelle.


€ 40,00 for half an hour
€ 70,00 for 1 hour

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions