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In menopause

We all know quite well how a body can physically change and which complaints can be part of it.
But how it is looked at alternatively or energetically is much less known.

In some cultures menopause is seen as the last transition from the young woman, to becoming a mother and now to the  older wise woman. Reflection, peace, wisdom, being able to continue with the knowledge gained so far.
However, your body also wants to go softer and lighter towards the future. Complaints that have always been there or that were dormant are now also being raised to the surface. Old patterns and complaints are magnified even more now.

The physical part in the form of massage / bodywork is a great way to deal with tension in your body and this session can certainly contribute to that. Tension around your chest/breathing/breasts can now become more present, lower back/pelvis, lower abdomen/pelvis. Now all of these areas suffer even harder in terms of looking for balance due to the hormonal changes (fairly similar as well during a heavy period but longer now).

A lot of tension can often be reduced and even removed if you literally surrender to what your body has to tell you in the form of muscle tension and stored waste.

Curious? And with an open mind and communication willing to become more aware of 'you'? Then I invite you.

This session is given by André.


€ 70,00 for 1 hour
€ 105,00 for 1,5 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions