Awakening sessions

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Learn more about sessions that can help with processing tension

For 23 years I have experience working with clients who share the most beautiful and traumatic experiences with me.

In all these years I am so grateful that as a man women approach me to help them through all kinds of tension, trauma, old emotions, etc. And every time sessions become a new door to make more room for new beautiful experiences.

I'm working in between two worlds, a kind of grey area. Not working in mental care, not a coach and yet I need your body and mind while working with you. While growing up, all kind of experiences can become stuck or create blockages in your body.

Perhaps a number of examples heard in my practice will clarify for you:
- stuff from the past has been dealt with mentally, but now I literally want to start working on my senses and feelings
- everything in my lower body immediately cramps when being touched, I don't even know why
- I have been abused by a masseur, can I ever trust massage and/or a masseur again?
- my breast(s) have been removed, after the shame of not feeling feminine and the scars, I still want to come back to this area with my senses
- after becoming a mum I lost my sensuality almost completely

And of course many other examples.

My work is always custom. Sometimes cramping or tension can be resolved very quickly and other times it takes a little longer. In that case we can make a plan, and of course always in discretion. My experience is also that a lot of women want to get started with this themselves, without consulting their partner.

Would you like to have a conversation or meet up first before making an appointment? Just fine! Do you want to bring someone along for your own reassurance? Just do it.

Thank you in advance for your trust and maybe we'll meet soon.