Awakening sessions

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Sensual awakening

If one or more of the following statements apply to you, it could be a good idea to have your body massaged:

  • > sensuality, touch or sex is much less or has completely disappeared
  • > I have less spirit and little pleasure in life
  • > I often feel inhibited
  • > I often suffer from cold buttocks, cold hips
  • > I often suffer from pain and tension in my lower back
  • > I am sensitive to problems in my body, such as bladder, kidney or menstrual complaints, vaginal fungi or unclear tender/painful breasts
  • > uncertainty often plays a role
  • > I am ashamed of my body

The set-up of Sensual awakening is to get rid of old emotions and tensions to make more space to breath, feel and enjoy your femininity .

If you want to experience more femininity, sensuality, more 'me' in your body, you will have to have a massage in a different way than usual. Not only will you feel muscle tension, but what is also possible (on the table or later at home...) are many old emotions that can be released for the entire body. Blockages, tension, an unattainable bar, 'must', in addition to being an adult/breadwinner/partner of... and also keeping an eye on your own needs... it can all be very much for one body. But there is hope, it can all be released!

Examples of the areas to be massaged (always in consultation)  are:

  • > loosening the chest area
  • > opening the heart area
  • > tension in hips, pelvic area and buttocks
  • > lower abdomen and starting point of the pubic mound
  • > thighs and groin

If the tension here can be reduced considerably, more energy flows freely through these areas, with the result that much more femininity can be experienced. If massaged properly, it can help you with a richer emotional life and therefore more you! Your emotional life can react in many ways within you.
That could be:

  • > less masculinity in your female body
  • > better accepting your body
  • > experience more sensuality, etc.

In short, less tension is experiencing more in life.

Sensual awakening and experiencing more does not happen with just one massage. Often, there are several sessions needed and they can be quite sensitive in terms of muscle tension in the beginning. But you are not the first customer in this. Many happy faces preceded you. Beautiful to enjoy! The end result for you and/or for your relationship is also wonderful and you can become a completely different person, I promise you!

During this massage session I regularly ask for feedback to make sure the pressure is right and/or how you are experiencing the session. This is how we work together to improve the flow. In this way you will also clearly feel the difference and therefore experience the liberation. During the first session we can go through your wishes and what you may encounter. Everything happens in consultation and with respect for all feelings.

This form of massaging and breaking tension is quite unique, but also highly recommended!

Clearly discretion and my professional secrecy apply to all massages. With this massage, genitals are not massaged.

This session is given by André.


€ 70,00 for 1 hour
€ 105,00 for 1,5 hours
€ 140,00 for 2 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions