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Kashmir massage

Don't have to do anything, just receiving, enjoying surrendering and discovering what is happening with every inch of your body...

The Kashmir massage is an extremely smooth, intuitive, deeply energetic and healing touch of the entire body. The massage brings you to a state of feeling, out of your mind and pure attention for you alone. Letting go thoughts, experiencing 'being aware' and in total connection with yourself again. According to many women who preceded you, a feeling of 'coming home'.

The Kashmir massage distinguishes itself in its softness and warmth and can move you very deeply at the same time.

“Let the divine shine in you 

Due to the special posture and technique you become physically attuned to each other and you can surrender to simply experiencing the feeling. In a special way you can experience the feeling of becoming one, as in connection from one person to another. Then two strange people can suddenly feel very connected.

The Kashmir pose is often described a bit mysterious, but I'll just put it here. After massaging your backside, the massage is given in a quite intimate pose. You are lying relaxed on your back and I sit in between your legs with your legs along my waist. The great thing as a giver is  that I can touch your entire body from your head to the soles of your feet. I can touch, caress, massage and rock you. In this way a beautiful feeling may arise that my masculine and your feminine energy become intertwined. Interspersed with moments where my hands lie still, you can even better feel the flowing energy through your body. A safe invitation to surrender completely.

You can certainly experience this beautiful Kashmir massage as very intimate, but it is all about you, not me and that requires surrender. Do not focus on me as a giver, but stay entirely with your own core.
Furthermore, the massage is given with heated oil on a soft, comfortable heated massage mattress on the floor.

The Kashmir massage is received completely naked. André wears shorts and Michelle wears a dress and safely guarding the setting. Your whole body is being massaged*. During the massage I will sometimes ask you if you are still feeling completely okay and if we can continue with the session.

* Your private parts will only be included if you have agreed to this before and during the massage.

This session is given by both André or Michelle.


€ 120 for 1,5 hours
€ 160 for 2 hours
€ 200 for 2,5 hours
€ 240 for 3 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions