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De-armouring the lower body

Personally, I think everyone can benefit from a de-armouring session. Even if it is only part of a complete body, you can already make a huge step in growth.

Energetically and spiritually, the lower body symbolizes a whole range of properties. Qualities that can literally get stuck due to too much tension, old emotional issues, fear or stress.
It then becomes an area of emotional, physical and energetic pain. Too much muscle tension, increase in pressure, dull or bruised feeling, pain when touched, penetration does not feel pleasant, little or no sensation during sex, less self-confidence, feeling of shame, pain radiating to the abdomen and/or legs, not feeling comfortable in your body in general, being sensitive to bladder infections or vaginal fungi.
De-armouring is not a magic wand, but many complaints can be reduced and even disappear.

Do I also believe that tension, trauma or pain does not only have to come from this life (as in reincarnation)? Oh yes, I know that can really be the case! Several times I was able, together with the client, to work on 'wounds' that had nothing to do with the present body.
Also those who feel strongly that they can heal a family line, daughters who carry pain from a (great-grand) mother who finds it difficult to let go... it doesn't sound strange to me, because this does exist.

In this session you are lying on the massage table on your stomach and through body work and de-armouring we will work on lower back, buttocks, pelvis and hips. Then you can turn over and I will mainly work on your abdomen, pelvis, groin, hips and upper legs, possibly also part of your pubic mound in consultation. The rest of your body is covered.
I myself am, as you might expect, fully clothed.

Make sure you don't have too many appointments for the rest of the day, because there can be quite a lot of released tension and/or emotions.

This session is given by André.


€ 105,00 for about 1,5 hours

In addition to the session, allow yourself some time to recover. This way you can have a quiet chat, have a drink and relax before you set off again.