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Healing warm oil massage

The beauty of a massage as part of conscious growth, for me personally, is that the body is taken along in a gentle, very personal massage. Mind, heart and body may participate in this, because that is you after all... one as a whole. You don't have to do anything in return, just put yourself in the receiving mode.

“Discover the basis of being allowed to experience

For those who want to experience the feeling of a more 'complete' massage, instead of just the standard relaxation massage, this massage may be the one for you.
In short, except for your genitals, your entire body is carefully massaged with warm oil and unconditional loving attention.

During the massage you will soon notice that your whole body becomes much more sensitive due to the type of touch.
Because of this sensitivity, the free flow of your vital energy and therefore often your sensual energy opens more easily. As a result, energies can also start to flow faster.
Embrace this feeling in all safety and allow yourself just to 'be'.

What is also beautiful about this massage is that many people discover how much sensuality there is in a body without having to be touched intimately. For many people a welcome eye-opener.

For this massage please undress fully. Your genitals will be covered. By default, I am dressed.

This session is given by both André or Michelle.


€ 120,00 for 1,5 hours
€ 160,00 for 2 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions