Awakening sessions

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Sessions for processing trauma / emotional bodywork

I am grateful for the women who have been forwarded to my practice or dared to take the step themselves. First of all, I am not a therapist and not a psychologist.

During or after processing old emotions (traumas or blockages) you can come to a point that you want to be touched again and to become a better version of yourself. Mentally the past can be dealt with, but physically your body can still be a mess. Almost always this can be dealt with. Again I am not a psychologist; I don't go into depth through conversations, for me your body tells the story. Through touch, massage and naming the meaning of your tension, we will look for old blockages that can be solved together.

Within my practice I offer you the opportunity to allow (more) touch again within a safe environment at your pace.

As a qualified body worker, I can set up a plan together with you that contains your wishes, what you want to tackle or where you ultimately want to go. My strength lies in telling where I feel a certain tension, what it means and see if we can break it apart. Since no person is the same, my sessions are always tailor-made. Even if you come more often, I will always ask what we are going to do / do this time. After all, you are not the same every day.

Together we decide what we are going to do and you are always in full control during the sessions. In this way we create new life into the emotional part of you together. Very simply put: old tensions out... and make room for a better version of you and more relaxed again.
There are many possibilities. Everyone has a different 'goal' or wish and that is always taken into account with respect.
Again, you are always in control of what we tackle together.
I am honoured to do this beautiful work for over 23 years. During the session I ask for feedback several times to see what is going on within the emotional life and our plan.

These treatments are fairly unique in design and I will do everything I can to create a safe and inviting atmosphere. Would you like to get acquainted first or visit the practice before you make a final appointment? Take someone along? That is always possible!

Precisely because I am not a therapist, these massages are possible. It will help you a lot, that's for sure!
Do you (still) feel a threshold, feel free to email or call to see if we can come up with something for this together.
To be clear, these massages do not include genitals.

This session is given by André.


€ 70,00 for 1 hour
€ 105,00 for 1,5 hours
€ 140,00 for 2 hours

Also available as a discounted multi ticket of 5 sessions