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Massage for the first time

How does it work if you want a massage:

Before the massage

Simple, I don't have a waiting room, it's your turn right away.
There is always enough space between my appointments with clients. When you arrive, we first talk briefly about the upcoming session: what are your wishes, are there any limitations or sensitivities that I should take into account? In short: how do you feel today?

When it is your first time, I will take a little more time for an intake and also tell you about the types of massages I provide. Then, if needed, you can visit the toilet, so you can start the massage in a relaxed way.

“What can I expect when this is all new to me?„

Completely naked?

You decide this yourself. Underwear? With or without a bra? Naked?
I always say: take off as much as you are comfortable with. During the session the other parts of your body are covered. And please don't be ashamed, I don't have a practice for models only. Each body / body type is unique.

How does that work in practice?

I invite you to undress in the massage room, I step outside the room for a moment. As soon as you are lying on the table or mat, I cover you with a large soft bath towel / cloth. During the massage you will stay under a bath towel or cloth for the most part. Only the part of your body that is being massaged at that moment is uncovered.

The massage itself

During the massage my purpose is to reconnect your body as a whole. No more individual parts with stress or tension, but one mind/soul connection.
When the session has ended, please take your time. It is precisely when emotions have shown themselves that you should definitely take some time to relax.

If you want to talk during the session, fine. If you prefer to relax without words, that's fine too. If you are interested in the background details of your tension I can tell you all about it.

If something does not feel okay, just say so. If you want to sigh deeply, express anger or old emotional issues, please feel free and just do so. If something hits you and it feels like you want to cry for a moment: that also happens and it helps. Do you feel safe? Just let the tears flow, it's a huge relief and prevents you from a headache.

Of course my profession also has its professional discretion.

After the massage

After the massage you can just lie down and slowly recover.
Take your time, it would be a shame if you quickly lose that relaxed feeling. I will leave the room.

Sit down first before standing up.
You can use the towels to wipe off any oil from your skin. Dress calmly again.
Then I will return to the room with some water for you.

Practical matters

- Even when you go home, take it easy, so your body can recover
- Try to drink some extra at home as well. Massage releases waste and by drinking a little more you can pee more easily. It also prevents headaches and/or a sluggish feeling
- I use odorless safflower oil (thistle oil) when massaging. This does not stain and your skin is not too oily
- I do not use incense and scented candles, so if you are sensitive to odors, you will not experience any problems in my practice.
- To make the massage as smooth as possible, I ask you to remove any jewelry as much as possible